Patient Education

From the first time you meet Dr. Hannon and his team in the office, they are there for you helping you understand your condition and treatment options. Dr. Hannon believes patient education is critical to a successful outcome after surgery. As a result, he uses several modalities to help educate his patients.

Office Visits

At your visit with Dr. Hannon, he will educate you on your diagnosis, discuss your treatment options, and answer any questions you may have. He and his team ensure patients have a good understanding of their condition and treatment options before leaving the office. In addition, patients are provided the team’s direct contact information and are encouraged to contact Dr. Hannon’s team after their visit if any further questions arise.

Joint Replacement Class

All patients who will undergo a joint replacement with Dr. Hannon must attend a Washington University Joint Replacement Class. During these classes, patients are provided additional information regarding what to expect before, during, as well as after surgery.

Text Messaging

Dr. Hannon and his team coach their patients step by step through their surgical journey through a novel text messaging service, STREAMD. This free service is offered to all patients who undergo surgery with Dr. Hannon. Patients will receive customized text messages tailored to Dr. Hannon’s protocols for hip and knee replacement surgeries. Patients begin to receive text messages 2 weeks prior to surgery and they continue to receive text messages for 6 weeks after surgery. These messages will answer many questions for patients and serve as a guide on the surgical journey and road to recovery.

For Additional Information Regarding Hip or Knee Replacement