Robotic & Computer-Assisted Joint Replacement

While Dr. Hannon is skilled at performing hip and knee replacements with manual instrumentation, he also is an expert in using advanced technologies in his hip and knee replacements. As a result, select patients may be a candidate for robotic or computer-assisted joint replacement.

In these surgeries, a more advanced image such as a CT scan is obtained prior to surgery to get a detailed look at a patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Hannon can then plan the surgery in detail ahead of time picking implants that appropriately fit the patient’s anatomy as well as plan exactly where he would like to place the components. During surgery a robotic surgical arm is used to help Dr. Hannon prepare the bone and place the components exactly where he planned. During the surgery, he then gets real time quantitative feedback to assess exactly how the patient’s joint is functioning. Based on this information he can then make any adjustments necessary to get the best function and stability of the joint.

In addition to using these technologies for some of his patients, Dr. Hannon is also studying these technologies to help further advance the field. To learn more about Dr. Hannon’s research please click here.