Hip Replacement

Hip pain affects millions of patients each year and for many middle aged adults this is often a result of degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis. This pain and stiffness can significantly impair mobility and limit a patient’s quality of life. Conservative treatment is always recommended first and Dr. Hannon works with each patient to determine the best treatment for them based on their goals and activity level. After conservative treatments are no longer effective, select patients may be a candidate for a hip replacement.

There are three approaches to a hip replacement including from the front (direct anterior), from the side (lateral), and from the back (posterior). Dr. Hannon is one of the few surgeons in the area who performs each of these approaches. Each of these approaches has risks as well as benefits and Dr. Hannon works with each patient to determine the best approach for them.

While the approach may differ for each patient, the surgery itself is the same. The femoral head with arthritis is removed and a metal stem is placed down the thigh bone, or your femur. A metal cup is then placed inside of the socket of the hip, or acetabulum. A ceramic ball is then placed on the metal stem in the femur and a high-grade plastic liner is inserted into the metal cup. This creates a smooth gliding surface in which the ceramic ball is moving inside the plastic liner allowing patients to walk and get back to the activities they love without pain.