In addition to providing outstanding care to his patients, Dr. Hannon is devoted to the care of future patients through education and research. Dr. Hannon is actively involved in studying the outcomes after hip and knee replacements. In addition, he is the lead investigator of several randomized controlled trials aimed at improving the care of patients undergoing hip and knee replacements. He recently led the development of the clinical practice guideline on pain control and anesthesia in hip and knee replacement and is currently involved in the development of the clinical practice guideline on proper indications for hip and knee replacement. His research focuses on rapid recovery protocols, reducing opioid use after surgery, technology in joint replacement, and outcomes after revision hip and knee replacement.

Dr. Hannon has received several national awards for his research and has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. For a complete list of his peer-reviewed publications please click here. A collection of Dr. Hannon’s most impactful publications is below: